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The situation of "COVID-19" and "vaccine" the world has been 
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Post The situation of "COVID-19" and "vaccine" the world has been

2020 marks the year that slot wallet people around the world have come to know the emerging disease like COVID-19. Caused by the mutated corona virus Which causes respiratory disease from common cold to severe disease

Even though it has been more than a year, the COVID-19 situation Today, there are a large number of new cases around the world. In particular, the second wave of outbreaks in Thailand began to occur.

Because of the spread of COVID-19 Is likely to continue to rise. Measures to control this disease while waiting for the vaccine are to wear a mask, wash hands, keep spacing and avoid crowded places. Which the doctor recommended that Despite having a vaccine Keeping it clean and washing your hands frequently It is still a matter that everyone should do.

As you know COVID-19 situation It affects not only the health of people around the world, but also other areas such as economic, educational and social aspects. Many stores may have lower revenues. One solution to this situation is the COVID-19 vaccine. That people around the world hope to help stop the epidemic and reduce the severity of the disease until we can return to normal life.

Nuttawan Pholawutitothai, Department of Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Specialist Sukhumvit Hospital Provide information on vaccines So that everyone can understand how the vaccines we are waiting for.

Several vaccines are currently being developed. But that allows for use in humans And through the experiment, there are 3 groups:

mRNA Vaccine This vaccine is a mRNA encapsulated with Lipid nanoparticle to act on the spike protein of the virus. Stimulate the immune system highly. In trials in volunteers, it was found to be effective against symptomatic disease as high as 95%, but in some cases, side effects after injection, including fever, aches and pains, must be monitored for long-term side effects. This vaccine can also be mass produced very quickly. But there are restrictions that must be kept at extremely cold temperatures.

Vaccine vector virus is a vaccine made using the genetic material (DNA) of the COVID-19 virus. Deposited into the vector virus that does not cause disease in people Adenovirus in use today is a protein that is created after vaccination. Will stimulate the body to build immunity against the COVID-19 virus With the aim of spike protein, vaccine recipients were to be administered intramuscularly, two syringes approximately 3-4 weeks apart, with greater than 90% effective prophylactic efficacy in volunteers. At a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius

Inactivated Vaccine or Inactivated Vaccine Using the coronavirus Cultured on Vero cells to inactivate the bacteria to die and then to adjust the immune stimulants Which is a long-running method of vaccine production The vaccine recipient is administered intramuscular injections, two needles, two to four weeks apart, because the vaccine is deadly, so it cannot multiply in the body. Therefore can be given in people with low immunity The experiment in volunteers was found to be 78% effective in prophylaxis.
Immunizations are currently approved in many countries. It is hoped that it will help prevent infection, stop spreading and reduce the severity of the disease. The first person who should receive the vaccine is medical personnel. And those in the nursing home The next group is the elderly aged 65-75 years or more or people aged 16-65 but have underlying diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, etc.

Even though the vaccine has begun to be produced We should also be following a broad range of studies, side effects and efficacy of each vaccine post injection. What kind of vaccines are appropriate for each age group? Including people with underlying diseases So that we have a better understanding of this disease. However, doctors recommend that washing your hands frequently. Keep clean And always taking care of your health, it is a matter that everyone should continue to do. So that all Thai people are healthy

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