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Dangerous Trend: Videos of driverless Tesla cars are popping 
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Post Dangerous Trend: Videos of driverless Tesla cars are popping

short video clip xo wallet Posted on the Tiktok app recently showed a picture of a Tesla car with three young men dancing in the passenger seat. A beer bottle was placed nearby as the car raced along the road with other cars at 105 kilometers per hour as shown on the speedometer. But no one sits behind the wheel of this car. It has become a very popular video in the online world.

An AFP survey found that the video has been "liked" by nearly 2 million people and shared 105,000 times, but is just one of several similar videos on social media.

Such behavior is illegal and violates the Tesla carmaker's guidelines. which stated on the website that Tesla driver assistance system "It is intended for use by drivers who drive intentionally. with both hands on the steering wheel and ready to steer the car at any time.”

In addition to Tesla's "Autopilot" system, which matches the vehicle's speed with surrounding traffic and helps to maneuver within well-marked lanes, Tesla also has a full autonomous driving capability system as well.

The program's capabilities include parking assistance. Move vehicles in and out of crowded parking lots. and can guide the car to or from the highway

Tesla will alert the driver and release the self-driving system if the driver is not wearing a seatbelt. or if the driver's hand is not detected on the steering wheel

However, it has been proven that some drivers misuse their Tesla cars. Consumer Reports magazine has published a video in which testers can easily fool Tesla into driving without anyone behind the wheel. convincing Which isn't Tesla's fault at all.

In the past, there have been many fatal accidents with Tesla cars. This has raised doubts about whether Tesla's technology could be misused. For example, on April 17, two people were killed near Houston, Texas after a dump truck. The slalom crashed into a tree until a fire broke out. The local police said no one was in the driver's seat.

Another accident that resulted in death in May. near Los Angeles is currently being investigated. The driver posted a picture of himself driving a Tesla without hands on the steering wheel on social media.

Andrew Kun, a human-computer interaction expert at the University of New Hampshire, said some companies would be more cautious with their advertising methods than others "because the problem with this is too much trust," thinking the system could do more. competence And of course, to call this system "Autopilot", but in fact it is not.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said about this technology Tesla cars have advised users to follow the rules. Despite the confusingly complex terminology for driver assistance programs.

at the beginning of this year He said the company's vehicles would achieve Level 5, fully self-driving systems by 2021, but the billionaire said in 2015 that the company would achieve this goal in two years.

Even though the budget has been thrown in billions of dollars But automakers still haven't been able to produce fully autonomous vehicles.

California's road traffic regulators say they are investigating whether Tesla's marketing is misleading consumers.

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