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First, go to the Salesforce administration page [1] and read about the administration track. Becoming a Certified Administrator (ADM-201) is the first and most important step.

You have 90 minutes to pass a 60-question exam (multiple choice) with a passing score of 65%. Whether you pass or fail, you won't be able to figure out where you got it right and where you didn't, you won't know how many questions you got wrong. It is "passed" or "failed".

Then read the study guide [2], this will be your study Bible. Go through each of the topics and clues and make sure you understand what each one means. This study guide is your study plan. You will make several passes through this guide, starting with a quick scan of the areas where you feel very safe and where you don't.

Then comes the hard part. Take time to read about those areas where you are unsure. Even better, sign up with a free development organization and find and simulate the relevant areas in your development organization (for example, if you are learning about allocation rules, create allocation rules).

Salesforce has its own training modules (Beginner Administrator [3], Intermediate Administrator [4]), but these should not and will not replace the development org. Plus, Salesforce offers a lot of contextual help, so click on those question marks wherever you see and read them. Also, click on "Help and Training" in your organization and read the relevant documentation [5].

Depending on how many hours you can put in each week, it could take a few weeks or a month before you're ready.

Stick to the study schedule and keep revising it, do another and another and (hopefully) you will cross out more topics that you now feel confident about.

In the US, the administrator exam costs $ 200. Refunds cost $ 100. So ... it's a hefty investment, but not the end of the world in case you have to retake the test.

Once you pass and are a certified administrator, you will need to maintain your credentials quarterly (3 times a year: spring, summer and winter). It does it through maintenance exams, it is around 5-10 questions based on the new functionality of the latest version.

Don't ignore them - if you forget to pass these maintenance exams, you * will * lose * your full a Salesforce certification and have to take the full administrator exam again. Salesforce makes absolutely no exceptions, it is your responsibility to schedule and plan these maintenance exams.

That's it for the administration exam.

There's also the developer track (which has recently been split into different sub-tracks - read more about this on the same certification site I mentioned above), and a Sales Cloud Consultant exam and a Service Cloud Consultant.

Not all administrators are certified as administrators, and not all people who passed the administrator exam are necessarily Salesforce experts. More and more people are jumping on the Salesforce bandwagon, so the exam just helps you stand out a little bit more. Also, your average recruiter (who may be recruiting across multiple platforms and apps) may not know that your x years of active Salesforce management in the labor trenches means a lot and you may want to check the "Salesforce Certified" box. . on your checklist.

So do it. Play the game. The most important thing is to learn Salesforce and learn to love it. I switched to Salesforce in 2010 and I have no regrets. I love it. I'm a bit obsessed.

There are so many blogs out there and, as with everything, Google is your best friend. If you come across a Salesforce issue or question, search Google. Google will return results from Salesforce's own developer forums, but also from the various blogs out there.

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