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COVID-19: Will the vaccine affect a woman's menstrual cycle 
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Post COVID-19: Will the vaccine affect a woman's menstrual cycle

Can I get vaccinated slotxo against COVID during my menstruation? Then the vaccine will cause irregular menstruation. or negatively affect the fertility system in the long term or not These are the questions that are worrying many women.

Although menstrual irregularities are often not mentioned in the list of possible side effects after vaccination against COVID-19 But there are reports that many women have this disorder, such as irregular menstruation. have unusually severe menstrual cramps or menstruation came a little later than usual

However, doctors still don't know for sure if the coronavirus vaccine is causing these abnormalities. Since there is no formal study on this subject.

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But Dr. Wikie Mel, a reproductive immunologist From Imperial College London, these changes could happen. It has been reported that women are already menopause. or transgender men who take hormones to stop menstruation Reported bleeding after vaccination

For this reason, Dr. Mel speculated that a physical response might occur.

Why might vaccines affect menstruation?
Dr. Mel, who is a specialist in immunology and reproductive explain this It may be the result of the immune system's response to the coronavirus vaccine.

“The first is that we know that the immune system affects sex hormones. And sex hormones affect the immune system...of course. Sex hormones regulate your menstrual cycle."

So if your immune system is severely stimulated Either from getting the vaccine or because you were infected. You may also see changes in sex hormones. This can cause changes in the timing and nature of menstruation.”

"Another possibility is You probably have a lot of immune cells in the lining of your uterus... And one possibility is that these cells may be affected by the normal stimulation of the immune system resulting from vaccination. or general illness This may affect your menstrual cycle.”

temporary effect
Dr Mel believes that vaccination against COVID will not have a long-term effect on a woman's menstrual cycle and reproductive system.

She pointed out that most people have irregular periods after vaccinating against the coronavirus. Reported abnormalities for about 1-2 months.

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In addition, evidence from influenza vaccination and cervical cancer vaccine (HPV vaccine), which is reported to cause irregular menstrual cycles in women. It's only a short-term side effect.

Can the vaccine cause infertility?
Currently, no study data indicates that a vaccine against COVID-19 It will adversely affect the fertility of women or men. And experts point out that this is not the case.

The Royal College of Obstetricians, UK, said: "There is no biological mechanism by which the current vaccine will affect a woman's fertility."

Just as the WHO chief scientist agrees. Along with pointing out that rumors about vaccines affecting fertility are only "Frequent Misconceptions"

In fact, there is evidence that not vaccinating against COVID may be a greater risk. Because there is a possibility that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 It may affect fertility. It was also found that women who participated in the trial of this vaccine became pregnant after participating in the trial.

Can I get the covid vaccine during my menstrual period?
Chulalongkorn Hospital website Disseminate information from Prof. Dr. Yong Phu Worawan that women who have menstruation or are about to have menstruation You can get vaccinated against COVID-19 as usual.

Pregnant women should consult their doctor before vaccination. As for women who are preparing to have children Vaccination can be done without a pregnancy test first. But when it is known that you are pregnant after the first dose of vaccination, the second dose should be postponed after more than 3 months of gestation.

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