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They could even do it now, turning the Brown ex
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Autor:  zhangzk [ Śro Gru 11, 2019 3:48 am ]
Temat postu:  They could even do it now, turning the Brown ex

There’s been a flurry of news regarding cornerback Chris Harris over the last day or so and Harris has now weighed in on where things stand with the Broncos.General Manager John Elway said at a Tuesday press conference that he’s willing to talk to Harris about a new contract after the draft Womens Von Miller Jersey , but made it clear that talking about a new deal doesn’t mean the team will agree to one. Later in the day came word that Harris wants to be traded if the team isn’t willing to do a new deal.Harris told Mike Klis of KUSA that he hopes to stay with the Broncos.“Oh, yeah, definitely,” Harris said. “I want to be here so we can salvage it. … I don’t have any hard feelings about anything. I always wanted to retire here. It’s not me. It can be salvaged.”Given Harris’ desire for a new deal, the route to salvation seems clear. Whether that’s possible is less clear , however.Klis reported that Harris is looking for $15 million a year and that the Broncos aren’t willing to meet that price. If that’s the case, someone’s going to have to change their stance for Harris to stay in Denver. If the Raiders follow through on their reported plan to suspend receiver Antonio Brown, it could end up being extremely expensive for Brown — and it could give the Raiders significant flexibility during and after the coming season.Brown’s new contract with the Raiders carries with it $30.125 million in fully-guaranteed money at signing. He already has earned a $1 million signing bonus. The other $29.125 million comes in the form of 2019 salary ($14.625 million) and 2020 salary ($14.5 million).Assuming that a suspension would void the guarantees, the Raiders would be able to cut Brown at any point and owe him nothing further.periment into a $1 million mistake — along with the third-round and fifth-round pick they surrendered to the Steelers acquire him.If they suspend him without pay for Week One , they also could do it at any time during the 2019 season and avoid owing him anything further under the Termination Pay provision of the labor deal, since a player with four or more years of service can collect the remainder of his salary upon being released only if he’s on the Week One active roster.When Brown threatened to retire if he didn’t get to wear his helmet of choice, no one believed he’d walk away from $30 million over it. Now, the question is whether he can do enough groveling to G.M. Mike Mayock or coach Jon Gruden to save his guaranteed money and his roster spot.The immediate challenge for his agent, Drew Rosenhaus Phillip Lindsay Jersey White , will be to get Brown to understand the gravity of the situation, and to say and do whatever needs to be done to fix it.

Autor:  diagodevilla [ Sob Mar 07, 2020 5:14 am ]
Temat postu:  Re: They could even do it now, turning the Brown ex

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Autor:  saeed20 [ Sob Wrz 12, 2020 11:01 am ]
Temat postu:  Re: They could even do it now, turning the Brown ex

It can be salvaged.”Given Harris’ desire for a new deal, the route to salvation seems clear. content marketing ..

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