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Can pregnant women get on a plane? 
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Post Can pregnant women get on a plane?
Can pregnant women get on a plane? How should you take care of yourself?

Pregnancy is not an illness. Healthy pregnant women with no complications Able to do almost all normal activities, including traveling by plane. especially if it is a short trip such as traveling in the country But if your mother has to travel long distances across the country Having to sit in a plane for many hours? A pregnant woman on a plane. I still got it but may require a bit of preparation

Before a pregnant mother or a pregnant woman board a plane
In general, the first thing you should do is Make sure the airline rules on the gestational age you can fly. This is usually allowed for pregnant women up to 36 weeks' gestation, or some airlines may limit gestational age up to 27 weeks, while some airlines such as Air France, Delta Airline or Egypt Air do not specify a gestational age. that can fly And some airlines may also require a medical certificate that allows them to fly. Therefore, before booking a trip, you should check this policy with the airline first.

Another thing to pay attention to is Health insurance while traveling which should be absolutely necessary At least insured for emergency medical assistance. and moving back to maintain our country should make sure that What does travel insurance cover or not cover? In the case of a woman who is currently pregnant and if you already have health insurance You should also check the coverage you can use in case of traveling abroad.

After that, you should consult your pregnancy doctor. To receive various advice needed for pregnant mothers such as

- the use of support stockings that help the blood flow to prevent clogged arteries in the legs Consult your doctor before Should you use it?

- Remedy in case of nausea and vomiting during travel due to motion sickness

- Remedy in case of flatulence or diarrhea air pressure which increases in altitude This can cause gas in the gastrointestinal tract and cause abdominal discomfort. Foods that cause gas in the stomach should be avoided before travelling. Diarrhea can be caused by bacteria in an airplane. You should consult your doctor for possible remedies or relief beforehand. Because pregnant women should not take medications that are not prescribed by a doctor.

- Necessary vaccinations for your destination or influenza vaccination

at the airport
Some expectant mothers may be concerned about going through an X-ray machine. and metal detectors at the airport whether it is safe for the unborn baby or not in general X-ray machines and metal detectors at airports are considered safe for the general public. including pregnant women But if you're worried about it You can ask a staff member to examine you instead of walking through the machine.

during the trip when pregnant woman on plane
Tips on the go
The following tips will help the pregnant mother travel smoothly and safely.

- Fasten your seat belt on the plane. by tying it under the belly hip bone area
- Drink water. Always sip water to prevent dehydration. This can cause less blood flow to the uterus.
- stretching Your doctor may recommend that you get up every half hour to help keep your blood flowing. The sitting part with the seat Bend and extend your ankle to increase blood flow.
- Choose an aisle seat It is the most suitable seat for pregnant mothers. It will make it easier to walk to the bathroom. Seats in the first row of each cabin It is a seat that is wider and more comfortable than the rest. But the wing seat is the seat with the least stability. Suitable for mothers who are prone to motion sickness.

Possible risks during flight
Although these risks are only slightly increased. But it's something you should be careful with.

- thrombosis Pregnant women Sitting still for long periods of time while traveling can cause blood clots in the legs. which increases the risk of developing blood clots including low humidity on the plane The greater the risk, however, the risk in this regard is not so great that it should be of concern. Just try to get up and stretch your legs to get the blood flowing. and drink enough water It can reduce the risk in this regard.

- Blood pressure and heart rate while on the plane Your blood pressure and heart rate can be elevated. But the medical specialist said Usually it is not at a high level. to cause danger
In which cases should pregnant mothers not fly?

Your doctor may advise you not to travel if you are traveling to an area with a serious outbreak. and flying over 12,000 feet, including where you need to get vaccinated against viruses before you go. Also, international travel should be avoided. In the following cases

- You are pregnant for the first time and you are 35 years or older or under 15
- You are pregnant with twins.
- You have a placental disorder or Gyemi in a previous pregnancy
- You have vaginal bleeding. or risk of miscarriage
- You have a history of miscarriage ectopic pregnancy miscarriage or ruptured amniotic sac before labor
- You have high blood pressure, diabetes or preeclampsia.

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Post Re: Can pregnant women get on a plane?
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Post Re: Can pregnant women get on a plane?
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Post Re: Can pregnant women get on a plane?
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Post Re: Can pregnant women get on a plane?

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