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Biden Should Get Republicans On Board With His Energy 
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Biden Should Get Republicans On Board With His Energy Investment Package


With President Joe Biden’s giant $2.25 trillion spending plan potentially making its way through the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee as early as this month, the United States may be on the verge of a transformational moment in energy policy.

Biden’s plan expands the definition of infrastructure preferred by many — repairing highways, railways, airports, ports, and bridges and building new ones — by pledging hundreds of billions to accelerate the nation’s transition toward renewable energy. Macroeconomic benefits of this should be dissected elsewhere. The question here is what does the current package do to the U.S. energy sector.

In requesting $174 billion to bolster the domestic electric-vehicle industry, the Democrats are proposing an accelerated farewell to the internal combustion engine that has served the world and U.S. national needs for the last century. Electric vehicle leaders like Tesla TSLA -6.4% and Lucid Motors stand to benefit tremendously, as well as the likes of Chevy, Ford, VW, BMW and others who are entering the space.

Part of that massive investment will go to various incentives for consumers and manufacturers alike, or to the transformation of vehicles used by federal agencies. There is already movement toward modernizing the Postal Service’s aging fleet. Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense could see sales skyrocket.

The Federal government would effectively quintuple the number of EV charging stations nationwide, from approximately 110 thousand to 500 thousand by the end of the decade. Roughly one third of those existing charging stations are in California. Most Americans who drive are familiar with local gas stations or feel confident in their ability to locate one in a pinch. Worries of being unable to find somewhere to recharge and being left stuck could contribute to consumer hesitancy even as EVs become more affordable. But why is this the federal government’s job?

Presently, an estimated 80% of vehicle charging is residential. That this is both possible and affordable reduces the need for charging stations at every block. For longer journeys, however, recharging away from home may be as essential as refilling a tank of gas. Even with steadily improving technology, most plug-in vehicles have an expected 250 miles a charge. Without the charging infrastructure to support EVs, they may not be seen as viable for cross-country trips. Hesitancy over reduced range relatives to ICE engines has a name in the industry: range anxiety. Yet, this expansion should be conducted by private sector companies, such as ChargePoint Inc. and Blink Charging Co., including EV manufacturers, who should be allowed to make a profit on charging.

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