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how to treat psoriasis What is the popular choice of doctors 
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Post how to treat psoriasis What is the popular choice of doctors
Causes that cause psoriasis skin It's possible that you inherited it from a family history of psoriasis. or the immune system is malfunctioning Some cases may be from everyday behaviors such as stress, smoking, etc. Today, the joker would like to bring. how to treat psoriasis according to the advice of a doctor Let's leave everyone together.

psoriasis What complications resulted?

If you have psoriasis, the following diseases and complications you may experience include:

- obesity
- type 2 diabetes
- high blood pressure
- Cardiovascular disease
- arthritis
- Eye health problems such as conjunctivitis
- Allergy
- inflammatory bowel disease
- Mental health changes may be depressive

how to treat psoriasis with medical techniques
Before treatment, your doctor may ask about your health condition. and parts of the skin, such as the scalp and nails, are taken for microscope examination to find the cause and classification of psoriasis to make it easier to find a more suitable treatment The doctor may use techniques to help treat the following.

- corticosteroids It is a type of drug that is used topically. or only one area And it is the drug that doctors often prescribe to patients to use the most. If you have mild to moderate psoriasis, this medication usually comes in the form of lotions, shampoos, foams, ointments, etc.

- PUVA light therapy is often used for people with severe psoriasis. which may be given to reduce the sensitivity to light to help Before your doctor exposed you to UVA light, however, there may be some side effects during therapy. or after treatment as follows: nausea, itching, headache

- Laser is considered a less time-consuming treatment than other forms of light therapy because the laser's light is directed directly at the psoriasis point. But may cause a rash side effect. and slightly blistered skin

- The drug in oral and injectable form is suitable for the treatment of people with moderate psoriasis. In addition, each type of drug that the doctor chooses to use is as follows: Steroids, Retinoids, Methotrexate. (Methotrexate), cyclosporine (Cyclosporine), along with other drugs that are appropriate for each patient's condition.

advice from a doctor About Psoriasis Prevention
This is because psoriasis is often caused by unclear causes. Therefore, prevention may be difficult. but how You can help keep this psoriasis from worsening further by choosing products that are gentle on the skin. Eat a healthy diet with a moderate amount of fat. Avoid drinking alcohol, refrain from smoking, and bathe regularly, do not let your body get dirty.

More importantly, you should be treated. or a psoriasis examination from a medical professional by appointment Ready to take medicine on time If the doctor prescribes additional medication To make the psoriasis treatment results go well without worry.

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Post Re: how to treat psoriasis What is the popular choice of doctors

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