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How To Choose An Overhead Crane 
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Post How To Choose An Overhead Crane
When you need an overhead crane in your workplace, there are many options and factors to consider. Overhead cranes come in a range of different styles, including gantry cranes, bridge cranes, monorail cranes, and jib cranes. These different styles of cranes are ideal for different kinds of applications, but there are other considerations that determine the specific crane or crane model that is best for your application.

Load Weight
The first consideration seems like an obvious one. You need to use a crane with the right capacity for the loads you are lifting. But there is more to choosing the right capacity than purchasing a crane with a load capacity greater than your greatest load weight.

A load capacity that is too low poses obvious risks; a heavy load could lead to failure and potential injury. On the other hand, a load capacity that is too high could slow down operations, wasting time and money. It is important to use the right capacity to maximize the usefulness of your crane.

Additionally, the type of load can affect the necessary load rating; liquid-filled containers behave differently than solid objects of the same weight and could cause impact factors. High-impact lifting equipment, such as magnetic lifters, can require additional capacity considerations.

Knowing your capacity requirements and additional factors will help you get the best crane for your application and the best value for your money.

Lift Height
The lift height is another seemingly obvious consideration. Any crane you use should be able to reach at least the minimum height required for a lift. However, there are a few elements that might not immediately come to mind when planning for your lift height.

One of these additional factors is the size of the trolley and hoist equipment. If your Crane factory provides only the minimum required clearance for your lifts, you might run into issues due to the space required for your hoist trolley, hoist, and possible below-the-hook lifting devices.

You’ll also have to consider limitations of your working facility. If the ceiling-height of your facility is close to the lift height, you may need to consider special low-profile options.

Moving Distance
All overhead cranes are designed to move loads over a distance. The length of the distance and the direction of travel will influence what kind of crane is right for your application.

If your moving distance is relatively small or confined to a single workspace, especially within a circular area of coverage, a jib-crane may be the most efficient type of crane. For travel over greater distances in any direction, a gantry offers the greatest range of movement.

If you need to move loads over a greater distance or along a fixed path, a crane with some form of track or rails can be very efficient. Enclosed track monorails and bridge cranes allow movement over long distances with little resistance, and gantry cranes can be equipped with track options for fixed-path travel.

Load weight, lift height, and moving distance are a few of the main factors that will influence the type of crane you choose to install. For a more complete guide to the specific options available for overhead cranes, and for OSHA and ANSI standards and compliance information, check out this blog on selecting the right overhead crane.

You can also use the Spanco System Selector to help you find the best Spanco crane for your application based on different parameters. If you are unsure about the best solution, a crane expert, like our Regional Sales Managers, can offer insight. By choosing the best crane for your application, you can improve efficiency and increase productivity in your material handling operations.

How To Choose An Overhead Crane

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